We're More Animated Than Ever!

Have you ever wanted to have eye-related animations playing in your waiting area?

Or wanted to increase sales by playing videos about lenses and coatings in your optical area?

Or have topic-specific video alongside the glaucoma or macular degeneration information on your website?

EyeMotion has just made it easier than ever to incorporate video throughout your entire practice!

You can interact with our animations here.--take a look to see how these videos could help you increase patient education and optical sales.

With our Gold and Platinum packages, you will be able to easily access videos in your dispensary area, exam lanes, contact lens fitting area, and more. Our system will run on your office TVs or mobile devices. Our new website player also offers easier navigation and better application—you can have specific videos located on relevant pages of your website.

Interested in more info? Call us at 866.595.1476 or email us here.