Video Makes it Memorable

Make the most of the time patients are waiting in your lobby, visting your website, and more! EyeMotion's digital media platform is a complete, seamless solution that enables the addition of video to key patient touchpoints: on your website, inside email newsletters, follow-up texts, social posts, TV monitors in your lobby, exam lanes, and in your optical department...

Exclusive EyeMotion Videos

Beginning with our SILVER subscription, EyeMotion clients have 100% access to our exclusive patient education animations. Browse through the default library below. View larger player.

Throughout Your Website

While EyeMotion videos can be purchased separately for integration into a non-EyeMotion website, one of the benefits of having an EyeMotion website, is that we build the videos into pages FOR YOU. No need to pay someone else to do it!

video integrated into website

Lobby & Exam Lanes

Your lobby and exam lanes can be enhanced with a sleek digital media platform that promotes and educates patients about the products and services your office offers. We offer our platform beginning with the GOLD subscription OR through a custom package designed specifically for your practice needs.

All that you need to get rolling is our easy-to-use app and your own Apple TV / Monitor. We will then work with you on your layout and playlist, including any vendor videos you're interested in promoting!

tv monitor educational videos

Social & Email

With EyeMotion's digital platform, practices are able to feature videos within individual patient follow-up emails, email newsletters, and on various social networks. You can manage videos and marketing campaigns yourself, or have us do it for you. Check out our simple subscription packages!

video newsletters, social, and more