Need Customization? EyeMotion can do that!

We had done a website for La Verne Optometry many years ago, and then in 2014 we built a second site for the practice.  When Dr. Alva bought the practice from the semi-retiring Dr. Guido, he was interested in getting an updated website look and feel for his new business.  We were pleased and honored that he chose to remain with EyeMotion, based on the service we had provided for this practice for over a decade.

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Wishing You a Wonderful 2020!

Happy 2020!

Yay--It’s 2020!

Maybe it’s not official, but we declare this to be the year of vision care.

Yes, all of us in the eye care community have been hyperventilating, waiting for this year forever!  We even heard of at least one optometrist who was putting off retirement because he wanted to be able to practice in 2020.  That’s commitment to a pun!

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Our Holiday Gift to You

In light of the holiday season, here are our top 10 eye care jokes.

1) What do you call a blind deer? No Eye Deer!

2) What do you call a blind deer with no legs? Still No Eye Deer!

3) Why do eye doctors live long lives? Because they dilate!

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