We're More Animated Than Ever!

Have you ever wanted to have eye-related animations playing in your waiting area?

Or wanted to increase sales by playing videos about lenses and coatings in your optical area?

Or have topic-specific video alongside the glaucoma or macular degeneration information on your website?

EyeMotion has just made it easier than ever to incorporate video throughout your entire practice!

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New Website for Drs. Coulter, McRoy & Associates

What do you get when you combine strong simple colors, eye-catching graphics, and a great optometry practice? Our recently-completed website for Drs. Coulter, McRoy & Associates, of course!

This site was built with Scenic (style 3), our newest Advanced design. Instead of a large static photo at top, the practice requested a looping video of a dilating pupil, which does a great job of adding interest and capturing attention. We also added some other special touches, such as some of the home page graphics that slide into place as the viewer scrolls down the page.

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New Marketing / Educational Content from Dr. Wnorowski and Team

Now that we include educational content you can use for blogs, social media, and newsletters in most of our EyeMotion subscription packages, we’ve had our eyes open for quality content written by eyecare professionals. We’d been watching the blog written by EyeMotion website client Dr. Brian Wnorowski and his Shore Eye Associate team and were impressed by their informative, easy-to-read content. And so…

…we’re excited to announce that much of this content will be available for you in selected EyeMotion subscription packages!

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